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Each month, l'Abeille Blanche organizes a themed exhibition in which artists from Belgium can take part.

Each artist can only submit one work per theme and therefore per month.

ATTENTION: Themed exhibitions only work by competition! The applications being too numerous, we are obliged to select the participating artists. 



  • Whatever the reputation or the technique, we operate by impulse

  • Great visibility and many passages

  • A vernissage will be organized for our monthly exhibition, to which big names will be invited to help you make yourself known and boost your artistic career.

  • The exhibition works by consignment, which means that exhibiting will not cost you anything. But if a sale is made, we will take a 30% commission

  • We add 30% to the price you wish to obtain for your work, which is your margin. 

    For example; you want to sell a painting and have 100 euros in your pocket. The sale price will therefore be 130 euros.  

  • The works are insured by us during their stay.

  • A contract will be signed the day you come to bring your work.


Participation is free.

We take a 30% commission if the work is sold.


Regarding the conditions:

  The contracts are concluded for a fixed term of 3/6/12 months. Renewable. 

  • The work must respect the theme

  • Limit of 1 single work per application