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Care sheet after tattoo session

L'Abeille Blanche and its tattoo artists recommend that you follow these care tips after any tattoo session. 

A well-groomed tattoo will keep beautiful lines and colors once healed, and will also save you from paying for a touch-up session.


In the evening on your way home


-Always wash your hands with soap before touching your tattoo 

-Remove the plastic film and clean your tattoo with clear water, without soap to remove excess blood. Dry it with a cotton material (do not rub, but pat!) (to avoid lint)

-Then apply a thin layer of tattoo cream 3x/day . (Be careful not to use healing creams, such as Bepanthene!)



-The tattoo peels off as it heals; do n't remove the scabs!

-Apply cream as soon as your tattoo is dry for 2 to 3 weeks

-Let your tattoo breathe! Wear loose, supple, lint-free clothing. 

- DO NOT go swimming (sea, swimming pool, baths, etc.), and avoid the sun throughout healing.

No sun exposure! Make sure to protect it from the rays (if you go out in a t-shirt/shorts and it's hot, you can cover it with clean bandages during the day and take it off at night)

-Then apply sunscreen 50 all your life as soon as your tattoo is exposed to the sun.


If appearance of infectious crusts/ accentuated redness; stop the care cream immediately and consult a doctor. 

Neither l'Abeille Blanche nor its tattoo artists are responsible in the event of infection if the client has not honorably respected post-tattoo care and never reimburses the amount.  




If you see that your tattoo needs touch-ups, contact us to make an appointment. Only 1 touch-up session is free. (Except for exceptions)

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