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L'Abeille Blanche, much more than an artistic space, is the result of a common passion, a shared vision, and a determination to push the limits of creativity. Founded in 2021 by Marcus Rubin and Jonathan Cousinne, two minds from distinct backgrounds, l'Abeille Blanche is much more than just an artistic place: it is an anthem to inclusion, diversity, and emancipation artistic!

The idea

The idea for Abeille Blanche came about after an inspiring visit to Rivoli 59 in Paris, a space dedicated to artist studios open to the public. This experience sparked a larger vision: to create a space where art meets inclusion, where every artist finds a place to flourish.

In the world of tattooing, often marked by restrictive boundaries, L'Abeille Blanche strives to break down these barriers. Marcus and Jonathan believe in an artistic community where diversity is celebrated, and where every form of expression, whether paint on canvas or ink on skin, has its legitimacy.

Why l'Abeille Blanche ?

L'Abeille Blanche is not simply an artistic project, it is a declaration of inclusion, a vibrant call to all artists, regardless of their style, their identity, or their orientation. It's a creative hive where talents buzz, ideas flourish, and where everyone contributes to the richness of the artistic honey that we create together.

We invite all art enthusiasts, dreamers, and inclusion seekers to join us in this artistic adventure. Together, let's cultivate art, celebrate diversity, and make l'Abeille Blanche a vibrant place where every artist finds their place to shine.

The founders

Marcus Rubin, born in Switzerland in 1996, embodies the fusion of tattoo art and visual storytelling. His experience as a professional tattoo artist and illustrator in Belgium brings artistic richness to Abeille Blanche. Rooted in his passion, Marcus aspires to write and illustrate children's books, bringing a narrative dimension to his artistic expression.

Born in Belgium in 1988, Jonathan Cousinne brings an architectural perspective to l'Abeille Blanche. An architect by training with a master's degree from ULB, Jonathan has worked his way through various offices in Belgium and Switzerland. Driven by his passion for comics and drawing, Jonathan chose to make the leap from architecture to art, bringing with him a deep understanding of financial and administrative management.

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