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Application for tattoo artists

L'Abeille Blanche offers the only coworking for tattoo artists in Brussels.



This space offers a hygienic environment to tattoo artists who cannot practice at home or rent a shop.


Our premises respect hygiene standards, offering a peaceful and well-lit environment to practice the art of tattooing.

The shop has a large window overlooking the lively Rue des Marolles.

vitrine magasin de tatouage

Advantages and operation

  • Lots of walk-in closets during tourist periods

  • Sell your artistic creations in the creators.ices store if you wish

  • Share your tattoos on our social networks

  • A flash day every first Saturday of the month with a tour of 5 tattoo artists.

  • Your portfolio and flashes displayed on the website AND on site!

  • Community of tattoo artists

  • Enjoy discounts of 10%-15% with our partner Tattooland

  • Waiting room, kitchenette

  • Useful resources reserved for our tattoo artists (Impressions, artist status, and much more)

  • Shared calendar -> book your position online

  • We welcome customers (consent form, care sheet, payment, etc.)

  • Customers pay by cash, card or payconiq

  • No apprenticeship, but great support between tattoo artists with whom you can learn new techniques

  • Leave the team whenever you want

Material included

Without supplements
  • Furniture (stool, bed, sideboard, armrest, ring light, trash can)

  • Consumables (green soap, alcohol, etc.)

  • Cartridges and needles (all sizes available, for handpoke and rotary machine)

  • REACH inks (Black, gray wash, colors)

  • Screens available for more privacy

  • Computer, stencil printer

logo vegan

100% vegan and, if available, ecological products


We take 30% of the total value of each tattoo (deposit included) for the materials used and all our services.

Choose your own prices (minimum €50)

No hidden fees, no rent, no additional VAT

Pay only when you use the space

Regarding the conditions:

  • Have obtained your hygiene and health certificate in Belgium

  • Be LGBTQIA+ friendly and safe

  • Bring back their customers

  • Leave the space clean and tidy

  • No drugs, no diva

  • Spool machine not accepted

  • Exclusive to Brussels

On selection​, an interview by appointment is obligatory at the shop Rue Haute 73, 1000 Brussels. 

photo de handpoke tatouage

Rejoignez notre équipe

Merci. Nous vous recontacterons.

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