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Registration artists studios

In a space of 600m2, our artists' studios are in an open space to facilitate exchanges and collaborations between artists from different disciplines.

All in a friendly and inclusive atmosphere!


  • Shared material corners are available on each floor

  • You have carte blanche on how to arrange and decorate your space, such as painting the walls

  • The spaces are open, so you can easily communicate with the other artists and collaborate together if you wish

  • The workshops are also open to the public. This implies greater visibility and better interaction between you and your potential future customers.

  • Customers who come to get tattooed will have to go through your workshops to join the tattoo artists, which will confer visits every day

  • Every month we organize a vernissage for our exhibition, where we try to invite as many big names as possible.  to help you make yourself known and boost your artistic career

  • You have the opportunity to exhibit and sell your works in the gallery  

  • We also intend to collaborate with suppliers of artistic materials in order to obtain discounts for you.

  • We reserve space on our website for your portfolio

  • Workshop/meeting rooms

  • Receipt of mail

  • Animation of the community

  • high-speed Internet

  • Water, electricity, heating


  • Shared kitchen


  • Relaxation area


  • secure building


  • Bike parking  


  • Common cleaning



The price of the workshops is 10€TVAC per square meter.

Choose the number of m2 you need!

The price includes everything! Water, electricity, internet and heating.


Regarding the conditions:

  The contracts are concluded for a fixed term of 3/6/12 months. Renewable. 

  • 2 months notice in case of departure

  • 2 months deposit upon entry

Workshops available

Always up to date!

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